06.02.2016: Available are now 3D printed enclosures for the Current sensor HS-xxx-xx, as well as for the Sensor Hub X2
30.01.2016: With more different products coming up it is getting more difficult to choose the right system, or to prepare a package (Current sensor + BEC) which would fit to somebody needs. So we changed to modular system and you can now combine any HS-xxx-xx current sensor with any BEC according your setup.
We updated the prices of the parts as well and it is now approx. 10% lower. Anyhow, new is now that the shipping is no more free of charge, but it will be only charged ones (only $4) per order. We had to include this shipping costs, just in case somebody just order a 2-6S BEC ($11) which would not cover our costs for parts, assembly, testing and shipping.