The following example is an setup for up to 14S LiPo and able to measure a system current of up to 400A ! -> For other combinations, please go to the Product guide page.

Required installation space:

39x33.5x7mm -> PCB only
42x34x10mm -> With installed 3D printed enclosure

Setup in MissionPlanner:

Please follow the procedure here: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-mauch-power-modules.html

If you purchase the Hub X2 and the HS - Sensors directly from the web shop, then I test them together and provide the "set" data. However, if you purchase all parts separate from an distributor, then you will only get the data from the individual sensors, which is a small paper included into the small plastic bag.

Then you can calculate the total setting for Batt1 monitor in MissionPlanner:

Voltage divider = (Voltage divider sensor 1 + Voltage divider sensor 2) / 2

Amp/ Volt = Amp/V Sensor 1 + Amp/V Sensor 2

Alarm output:

  • The relay contact position (in above diagram) are in normal condition and will switch over in case of any alarm.
  • The first "Alarm out / 5.3V" gets his power supply from the BEC which supplies the power to the Hub X2 and the flight controller. So please do not draw an too high current there.
  • The other relay output (NC/P/NO) are able to withstand an current of max. 1A !