4-14S / 3A Hybrid BEC for Pixhawk / APM

It is an switching power supply and in series an linear LDO (LM1764A) to remove the ripple. Due to the component selection, this BEC get's only warm during operation (LDO only 0.35V dropout voltage).

Input and output is protected by Panasonic FM capacitors.

On the opposite side of the PCB is the linear regulator LT1764A to remove the ripple from the switching power supply and stabilize the output voltage.
The LT1764A is a low dropout regulator optimized for fast transient response. The device is capable of supplying 3A of output current with a dropout voltage of 340mV. In addition to fast transient response, the LT1764A has very low output voltage noise which makes the device ideal for sensitive RF supply applications.

Here the output of the HYB-BEC 4-14S with 12S LiPo as power supply and 1.5A load.

To compare, here the output of an SkyRC 4-14S BEC with the same power supply and load.