• Please ensure the correct current flow direction.
  • Please install the sensor either with the supplied shrinking tube or with an CFK enclosure for insulation.
  • The power is supplied via the 3p connector from an Power-Cube or Sensor Hub X8 and must be in the range of 4.95-5.05V.
  • The connection cable is supplied together with either the Power-Cube or the Sensor Hub X8.
  • The sensor board only measures the current. The voltage measurement is done via the voltage sense wire from the Power-Cube.

Required installation space:

26x19.5x10mm -> PCB only

CFK enclosure:

Setup in MissionPlanner:

Please follow the procedure here: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-mauch-power-modules.html

REM: The final test result with comes together with the PC sensor only provides the Amp/Volt value !


Just in case you having trouble to get current readings from the sensor board, then please check the following.

  • Is the input voltage in the range of 4.95-5.05V ?
  • Is the blue LED on the sensor board on ?
  • Is the sensor installed in the correct current flow direction ?