October 2017: The Power-Cube "V1" is replaced by the PC-Series Power-Cube "V2" !
Please use only the discontinued PC-xxx current sensors or the HS - Series sensors (via adapter cable) for the Power-Cube "V1"

The Power-Cube series was developed to match the increasing power demand of bigger UAV’s together with the new Pixhawk 2.1. The installed equipment, such as… Heated IMU’s, Flow sensors, OSD, 2x GPS, Telemetry, Edison board, Gimbal, Camera, Landing gear, Parachute, Digital servos, LED’s, Raspberry Pi 3, Lidar… etc.

With all or some of this equipment the standard power modules are over loaded or at least operating at their upper limit, which means there is a big risk of failure and overheating of the system.


This new series will now take care of all the equipment. Each output is rated for continues current of 10A with max. current at 15A (current limit 20A).

The design is based on the reference design of the LM5116 from Texas Instruments. Without any costs cut, but even improved component selection, such as oversized FET’s, SPEC capacitors from Panasonic… etc.



  • Input voltage up to 85V or 20S LiPo -> The minimum input voltage should be 2.5V higher that the highest output voltage.
  • Input reverse polarity protection
  • Cooling fan
  • Power ON / LED for each BEC
  • Output ripple voltage maximum 0.005V @5A
  • Temperature over 55°C LED -> This is only an info and not an alarm
  • All outputs are rated with continues current of 10A with max. current @15A (current limit 20A).
  • All outputs over Molex / Clik-Mate 2.0mm / 6p connectors (6x 24AWG)
  • On board power supply for Sensor boards and/or Sensor Hub X2 and X8
  • Sensor connection cable is standard with Molex Clik-Mate 1.25 / 3p for PC-100, PC-200 and Sensor Hub X8.
  • LiPo voltage sense wire, directly connect to up 6S/28V, or up to 60V/90V with additional resistor.
  • Unique enclosure design with 1mm CFK cover plate and fan to ensure the best possible airflow
  • Enclosure can be installed via 4x M3 screws at the frame.
  • All Power-Cubes are delivered with an complete cable set for easy setup.

(*1) = Up to 100V (23S / LiPo)  possible, but reduced due to safety reasons.

(*2) = Fixed to 5.30V an can't be changed

(*3) = Other output voltage possible on customer request during order (3.30-14.8V)

(*4) = Direct connect to up to 6S LiPo, for higher Lipo counts, need resistor installed into the sense wire (included in the box)

(*5) = Support all existing current sensor modules HS-xxx-xx and Sensor Hub X2

(*6) = Weight inclusive input cable (2x 20cm 16AWG), enclosure and fan

The input, power supply for sensor, temperature control and fan connector is the same for all Power-Cube's.
Except the BEC "OK" LED is depend on Power-Cube type.